About Us

Ken trimming the hedge during a lawn mowing project.I am a semi retired  ex-emergency worker with a passion for well maintained lawns and gardens. Finding it satisfying to help others achieve the results they would like out of the lawn and garden. With experience in lawn care the general labor intensive  aspects around the garden.

Our service is about maintenance and making your garden look beautiful. So you can take pride in your property. Flexibility is a key to our service and my personal moto is “there is always a way”. When lawn care and maintenance gets a little busy in the spring and autumn. One of my three sons generally lend a helping hand, so we are pretty much a family business. If you have any questions please make contact.

If you live outside our service area the only change will be a travelling charge which incorporates time and distance. You might be surprised at the low cost so please give us your address and we can give you a quotation.


– open 5 days a week from 8am to 6pm –

During busy times or when we are chasing the sun (in the winter) w may work weekends (same times).