Ballarat Property Care Packages for Holidays or Business Trips

Ken trimming the hedge during a lawn mowing project.

Caring for your home while your away.

When you go away on holidays or business why not have your home and garden looked after by the professionals at STG Lawn Mowing Ballarat. Our packages are all time based and we can spend up to an hour per day caring for your property.

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if you decide to have us at your property for 30 minutes every second, third or fourth day. We will remain onsite for that amount of time. We might water, do a little garden maintenance, check all windows and doors are secure or carry out task indicated by you.

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All services are carried out in the early morning or evening (away for the heat of the day).

Some of the services others are getting us to do.

  1. Lawn mowing and watering (indoor and outdoor plants)
  2. Lite gardening and mulching
  3. Hedge trimming and general vegetation cleanup
  4. High pressure cleaning of paths and other concrete areas
  5. Mail Collection and bin take out/in
  6. Security checks of windows and doors & fence painting