Tree Removal Ballarat and Specialist Services

Tree Removal Ballarat (fallen Trees)

Have your favourite tree/s lost a couple of branches? Maybe the tree has fallen over, and you want it removed? At STG Lawn Mowing, we can cut up and remove those branches or entire trees, leaving your garden landscape looking great.

There may be branches hanging over the neighbour’s fence that need moving. We remove all components and other debris. We can provide a quotation and complete the task within 5 to 10 working days.

Storm cleanup services

Climate change impacts the weather, and the frequency of storms increasing. You will likely experience minor or significant damage as a result of a storm in the Ballarat area.  Again STG Lawn Mowing Ballarat has the equipment and expertise to remove most fallen trees.

Note: We specialise in the fallen tree or branch removal and trimming of other branches to approximately 8 metres (on standing trees).

24-hour emergency tree removal

emergency lightSuppose you find a storm has caused damage to your property (trees fallen over). Let us know, and we will be onsite within 4 to 8 hours (where available)—any time of day or night.

Note: we don’t do insurance work or work near fallen power lines. As a guide, this tree removal (Ballarat) service is for trees or branches where we can achieve cleanup within about 2 hours. Call: 0448 320 713 

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Quotation Request

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