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Our goal is to make purchasing and selling farm machinery as easy as possible for all Australians.

From product development to marketing and communications, is designed to empower our clients and offer them more confidence when it comes to trading farm machinery. Regardless of how much knowledge they have or how involved they are in the process.

BAUMR-AG 75cc Mini Garden Soil Tiller Rototiller Cultivator

For more than a decade, Baumr-AG has been improving the Roto Tiller line. It’s no wonder, then, that the new BT-667 Petrol Cultivator has a lightweight, manoeuvrable design that belies its robust capabilities.

This Mini Rotary Hoe comes with a powerful 75cc motor with the dual air filtration that can spin at 7,000 RPM. Even in compact soil, it can till a 400mm swath in a garden bed and adjust the depth up to 105mm, so you can get just the appropriate seedbed for any favourite crop.


Post Hole Digger 88CC Posthole Earth Auger

Post Hole Digger 88CC Posthole Earth AugerThis digger, part of Baum’s newest range, contains our exclusive high-output 88cc powerhouse. Which not only produces more horsepower than outdated 90cc engines but also keeps your drill moving thanks to its unique hi-torque design.

Durability and reliability are unrivalled because of this unique combination, including a full-size commercial straight drive, big fuel tank, and high-tensile gear set. It’s time to retire your old shovel and master the art of digging. All Baumr-AG post hole diggers come with a clutch to protect the operator if it collides with a solid object.


Backhoe – Petrol Excavator 4-Stroke Hydraulic Bucket

Backhoe - Petrol Excavator 4-Stroke Hydraulic BucketThe BH620 comes equipped with a 9HP four-stroke motor and three powerful hydraulic cylinders that regulate the boom and ensure robust and continuous movement throughout the 120° bucket swing. HoseGuardTM protects our hydraulic hoses from the elements. This unique spiral design keeps the hoses in form, preventing them from interfering with controls or operation and adding an extra layer of protection.

Outrigger stabilisers allow you to spread your centre of gravity for added stability, and they may be removed and adjusted vertically for travel. It’s simple to haul around using a 1600kg capacity vehicle, quad bike, or tractor.


Power Wheelbarrow Motorized Mini Petrol

Wheel BarrowThe BPR880 is a strong mudder that can handle everything from big loads of logs, bricks, soil, and cement to farming, construction, agriculture, and landscaping. With a heavy-duty transmission with three gears and reverse, you’ll have precise control when loading and unloading transportation trucks, as well as the flexibility to traverse longer distances at a faster pace as needed.

The BPR880 is simple to use and stops safely when the clutch lever is released. The motorised barrow’s wheels also lock to keep it in place during travel, allowing it to fit easily in a standard ute tray.


Trencher 600mm / 24″ Trench Ditch Digger

Trencher 600mm - 24 inch Trench Ditch DiggerThe NEW Baumr-AG TRN660 Trencher has surpassed its reputation for offering practical and innovative excavation technology. This machine comes equipped with an 8HP 4-stroke forced air-cooled OHV engine. That can drive the trenching operation up to 60 metres per hour, exceeding industry norms. A centrifugal clutch ensures easy starting. The throttle lever, stop switch, emergency stop, and lever-operated wheel lock comes conveniently situated on the handlebars for super-easy and safe handling.

With 27 replaceable carbide alloy blades operating on a 1m bar that chews in increments up to 600mm deep and 100mm wide, the TRN660 gets the job done faster.


18hp Petrol Stump Grinder

18hp Petrol Stump Grinder

  1. 18hp commercial 4-stroke petrol engine with a high level of dependability
  2. 12 x Mining grade carbide-tipped teeth – the same material used in bedrock drilling – easily interchangeable!
  3. Stump-grinding equipment with advanced centrifugal clutch and constant 360-degree rotation grinds stumps in minutes.
  4. Grinds stumps down to a depth of 300mm (12″) below the surface.
  5. The superior tri-V-belt driving mechanism, easy-to-use throttle
  6. All parts are in stock, and we sell them to keep your machine running.
  7. The hand braking system with instant on/off for optimal manoeuvrability
  8. 12 Month Warranty with Integrated Dead Man’s Handle


 7.0HP Cultivator Tiller Plough Self-Propelled Rotary Rototiller

PLANTCRAFT 7.0HP Cultivator Tiller Plough Self-Propelled Rotary RototillerThe BT-777, designed in the United States, has an 800mm tiller scope, over 35% broader than most other designs, considerably reducing the time it takes to prepare your soil. It has a 350mm tilling depth, which is made feasible by its non-restrictive safety shields.

Three self-propelled gears drive the machine – two forwards and one backwards – allowing you to get a lot of work done with little fatigue. Also, in rough rocky terrain, the superior hard-drawn and synchronous-rotating steel tiller blades provide excellent durability. All it takes is one pass to obtain finely milled and well-aerated earth.


Petrol Post Driver 4-Stroke Pile Star Picket Rammer

Petrol Post Driver 4-Stroke Pile Star Picket RammerIt’s designed to drive stakes, pegs, and posts up to 80mm in diameter into the ground, and a class-leading 4-stroke petrol engine powers it. It comes with a hardened hammering pin with a 2300 BPM impact frequency.

This machine has ergonomically designed twin handles with soft rubber grips and vibration absorbing springs to reduce fatigue. Similarly, thanks to the interlocking controls, everything is at your fingers, which include a throttle lock, kill switch, throttle trigger, and throttle adjuster. There are three sizes of post guide sleeves included. 20-45mm and 55mm for star pickets, and 80mm for pipes, stakes, and round posts.




The Industrial Revolution (I.R.) was a period.

Farming technologies advanced dramatically with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution and the development of more complex machinery. Wheeled machines cut a continuous swath through the grain instead of harvesting it by hand with a sharp blade. Machines separated heads and stalks instead of threshing the grain with sticks. In the late 1800s, tractors started to have an impact.

Internal combustion engines (ICE) are a type of internal combustion
For the following generation of tractors, the internal combustion engine. First a petrol engine, then a diesel engine, became the popular choice for powering equipment.

These engines also aided in developing the self-propelled combine harvester and thresher. Generally known as a combine harvester (sometimes abbreviated as ‘combine’). Rather than cutting grain stalks and transferring them to a fixed threshing machine. These combines cut, threshed, and segregated grain as they move across the field.

Steam generated electricity.

Initially, agricultural machinery often saw oxen and other domestic animals power machinery. The portable engine, and later the traction engine, a multipurpose, mobile energy source that was the ground-crawling relative of the steam locomotive, were born with the invention of steam power.

Agricultural steam engines replaced oxen for heavy pulling tasks. And came equipped with a pulley that could power stationary devices through a lengthy belt. Although today’s standards underpowered the steam-powered machines. Their size and low gear ratios allowed them to deliver a powerful drawbar pull.

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