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The bushfire season brings with it a time for making preparation to protect your property. One of the most important activity you can have done is gutter cleaning. Our gutter cleaning service in Ballarat will remove all flammable material from your gutters. Ensuring that if a fire arrives at your property there will be no flammable materials available to burn in your gutters.

request quotationWhat will our gutter cleaning service provide?

STG Lawn Mowing Ballarat will prepare your gutters to a standard which reduces all flammable materials. Gutter cleaning services inclusions and optional extras:

  • Removal of all organic and flammable material
  • Disposal of all materials removed from the gutter.
  • Air blowing of all gutters to remove fine particles
  • Removal of gutter guards
  • All equipment to access the gutters, from the ground, will be provided

Optional Extra’s:

  • Pressure washing of gutters
  • Replacement of gutter guard
  • Re-installation of gutter guard
  • Roof Access equipment and qualified operators
  • Scaffolding
  • Travel outside the greater Ballarat Area

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Price’s start from as little as: $50

Note: Safety of our personnel is paramount and as such all gutters must be accessible via a large commercial step ladder. The ladder must have a stable ground to sit on and must be relatively clear above and around.


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