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Every season brings with it challenges concerning gutter cleaning around your BallaratOpens in a new tab. home or other property. Removing all flammable material for the bushfire season may help to protect your home. Or you are clearing debris in the gutter to clear the way for water to make its way to downpipes.

Preparing your home for winter or the bushfireOpens in a new tab. season

The bushfire seasonOpens in a new tab. brings with it a time for preparing to protect your property. One of the essential activities you can have done is gutter cleaningOpens in a new tab.. Our gutter cleaning service in Ballarat will remove all flammable material from your gutters. Ensuring that if a fire arrives at your property, there will be no flammable materials available to burn in your gutters.

Furthermore, making sure your gutters are clean, and water can easily flow during rain downpours in the winter.

Clogged drains can see water flow back into the roof area or overflow onto the ground saturating dry regions. Ballarat is re-nouned for a cold and wet winter or spring.

What will our gutter cleaning service provide?

STG Lawn MowingOpens in a new tab. Ballarat will prepare your gutters to a standard that reduces all flammable materials. Our Ballarat Gutter cleaning services inclusions:

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  1. Removal of all organicOpens in a new tab. and flammable material
  2. Disposal of all materials removed from the gutter.
  3. Carefully pressure washing (low pressure) the channels to remove stubborn materials
  4. Removal of gutter guards (non secured & simple to remove*)
  5. All equipment to access the gutters, from the ground, will be provided


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Price’s start from as little as: $55 inc GST

gutter cleaning ballarat

Accessing and cleaning gutters can be a dangerous task. An Ambulance member recently indicated that Ballarat homeownersOpens in a new tab. take the opportunity to clean around the building on many public holidays. They often get calls to handymen and women who have fallen off their ladder while trying to access the gutter or roof area. Using ladders seems like a simple task, and in reality, it is. Even so, when working from heights, there is always going to be associated risks.

Accessing the gutters via the roof may increase maintenance.

It may be problematic or even increase the amount of maintenance your roof will require if gutter cleaning takes effect from the roof area. Just walking around on the top helps to loosen nails, screws or even crack tiles. The cost of repairs to the roof could be substantial. At the time, there is no choice but to access the roof area, which should be limited where possible.

Removing leaves and the like from the gutter by hand is time-consuming and often leaves debris at the bottom of the drain. This loose material may help to form a blockage in downpipes.

We use equipment designed to clean the gutter from the ground. Using an industrial vacuum will vacuum most of the large and loose material. It doesn’t even matter if there is wet material or water in the gutter as we use a damp and dry vacuum.

Pressure washing the gutter

Once vacuumed thoroughly, we place our pressure washer wand along the gutter to remove stubborn material. Being careful not overpressure the equipment and make a mess on your walls – underneath the channels. Any muddy drops that do make their way onto the wall will be cleaned and washed off.

Once finished, we inspect the gutters at regular intervals to ensure a marvellous job has been complete. In addition, if necessary, we will then vacuum the channels again.

Attention to detail and using the right equipment

We have all the equipmentOpens in a new tab. required to carry out the gutter cleaning service for your Ballarat property. Ensuring the task is completed safely and efficiently. We even have a generator if power isn’t available and long hoses and industrial extension cords.

Optional Extras:

  1. Replacement of gutter guard (providing new secured or non-secured gutter guard)
  2. Re-installation of removed gutter guard
  3. Roof Access equipment and qualified operators
  4. Scaffolding
  5. Travel outside the greater Ballarat Area

How we clean your gutters in Greater Ballarat

On arrival at a property, you would expect that we would obtain a ladder some other equipment then start work – accessing your gutters with our ladder and removing any dirt or other debris and rubbish from your gutters by hand.

Various small equipment is part of our inventory. The main component is a wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner – primarily designed to remove debris before using a low-pressure gutter access wand to loosen stubborn material. The use of low pressure is quite important and helps to reduce runoff and ugly splashes on your roof and walls.

If, on final inspection, via a ladder, we notice excess material, we will manually remove by hand other hard to remove rubbish or debris.

info graphic gutter cleaning process


Gutter cleaning in greater Ballarat is no different to similar areas around the state. Having the right equipment reduces time on-site, thus reducing the costOpens in a new tab. of having your gutters cleaned.

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*  Non secured gutter guards are plastic or similar guards that are simple and quick to remove. It does not include metal and secured gutter guards. It doesn’t include the re-installation of the gutter guard (optional extra).

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