Lawn care producing satisfying results

At the point we arrive at your property we will be totally professional and provide your lawn care service in a proficient manner.

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Our service includes all of the following:

  1. Mowing with a lightweight hand push mower (no ugly marks from a large heavy mower)
  2. Line trimming safely around trees, fences, posts, trees and gutters.
  3. Edging the walkways, carports, and gutters with a metal cutting edger.
  4. Tidying up all grass clippings on the property.

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The price you pay is by square metre of lawn on your property. We never up charge for areas that may be considered by some as a little fancy. Our price is set and fair across a variety of area’s and clients.

Providing just that little extra service for you. If your rubbish bin is still out, the children’s toys are on the lawn or the dog bowl is low on water. You can expect that we will tidy them up or fill the dog bowl before we start.

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Natural Gardening Tips

If you would like to grow a natural organic lawn there are a few things you should do to maintain it in good condition.

Lawns and the earth that they live in have many of the same needs as we do. If they are to remain healthy they will need to be fed and allowed to breathe. When the soil is healthy the lawn will generally thrive and grow well.

Organic fertilizers provide nourishment for the organisms within the soils, where chemical fertilizers feed the plants directly. One of the concerns with the chemical fertilizers is that they runoff into lakes creeks and other waterways. Keeping the lawn and associated soils healthy will ensure grasses are resistant to disease and very drought tolerant.


Test Your Soil First, Buy Nutrients Later

If possible have your soil tested and then purchase the products needed to bring the lawn and soil back to good health if needed.

There are a number of ways to have the soil tested including kits from the local hardware or garden centre. The result will be a small list of items to be added to your lawn ready for mowing.

When carrying out such activities it is advisable to avoid guessing what’s needed. Guessing may result in damage to the environment and more locally to your valuable lawn.

Lawn care is what we do.

There is nothing better than seeing a well kept and healthy lawn. The goal of our service at STG Lawn Mowing Ballarat is always to bring out the best in your lawn.

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