Lawn Mowing Ballarat

You probably have a lot of question about lawn mowing services in Ballarat?

Lawns need to be mowed in a way that suits you “the costumer”.  Some like the lawn cut short and other like the grass cut high. There are pro and cons for each but in the end your vision of a perfect lawn is always our goal.

The Ballarat climate and mowing your lawn

As a lawn maintenance company we often get question about whats included. Well, your lawn will not only have to be mowed, but the edges whipper snipped and the paths and general area cleaned up with a leaf and debris blower. Ballarat can be quite a wet environment and whether its sunny or raining, there is no place for a less than perfect job. In General, mowers really designed to cut wet grass and often get clogged up and leave big unsightly clumps every where.

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Pro Tip: if you are trying to mow wet grass – try putting the rear height adjustment two clicks above the front. In other words, say the front is on one click (the lowest setting) then put the rear on three or even four. This allows for better air flow and less accumulation of grass with in the mower housing around the blades.

Furthermore, we often do exactly this and when the grass is very wet we mow the lawn area twice. Our push mower is 30 inches wide – rather than the standard 18 to 22 inches. Allowing us to mow twice in the time it takes a normal mower to mow once.


Lawn mower maintenance makes a difference

Keeping the cutting deck and and general mower in good working order is paramount for a consistently good job. Failing engines can lack power and may reduce the rotations of the blades, making for a incomplete and untidy cut.

This brings us to the blades. One of the most important items requiring maintenance is the blades. Sharp mower blades will reduce the jagged grass edges and in turn achieve better growth and thickening. At STG Lawn mowing Ballarat we sharpen our blades once a week in the winter/summer and every two or three days in the spring/autumn

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Why do some lawns have so many weeds?

Even the most weed infested lawns can be recovered and become great lawn with a little work. There are a couple of options to remove the large weeds.


  1. Use weed killer to spot poison the weedsorganic weed control
  2. Manually remove the weed (hard work)
  3. Weed killer on the entire lawn and start again

Some weeds are inevitable

Even so there are some thing you can do to make your lawn look better. They are:

  1. Airate the lawn with a manual or auto tool/machine
  2. Over seed the lawn (Spring and Autumn) which can overwhelm the weeds (if they aren’t to big)
  3. Fertilize the lawn with a good quality fertilizer (weed and feed granules can be ok, but don’t expect all the weeds to be gone)
  4. All of the above over time will bring your lawn back to life.

* Always follow the manufactures directions for the best results.

In most circumstances we can provide a quotation via Google Maps. We have found it to be very accurate. If the area is a little overgrown or there are other parts of the service that may take a littlegoogle maps longer please place an explanation in the message box below.

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