Lawn Mowing Business for Sale

Maybe your semi-retired or simply thinking about starting a lawn mowing business? There are many activities to consider when starting a business, whether finding a lawn mowing business for sale or getting that first client.

STG lawn Mowing has a solution that could see you establishing a great business or substantially improving your current lawn mowing business. Best of all, you will be the enterprise driver and quality control, with compliance requirements minimised. “This is not a franchise” – you will be in control with support from us.

Is a lawn mowing franchise a good option

There are several pros and cons when it comes to a lawn mowing businessOpens in a new tab. franchise. Selection and analysis of the potential options should, above all, always fit your requirements.


  1. A business structure and plan will already exist.
  2. There will generally be substantial marketing support.
  3. Potential customers may already know the brand name.
  4. Community goodwill is already functioning successfully.


  1. Cost of establishing the business.
  2. Ongoing franchise fees.
  3. Marketing cost.
  4. Operational limitations and compliance.
  5. ServiceOpens in a new tab. area limitations.
  6. Legal compliance with the franchisers policy.


The STG Lawn Mowing business supporting solution

Over the past three years, our company has been running and testing a lawn mowing business solution, in other words, providing lawn care services to the local community.

Here are some of the services provided by STG Lawn Mowing.

  1. Lawn mowing, including edging and blower cleanup.
  2. Hedge trimming.
  3. Weed and insecticide treatments.
  4. Roof gutter cleaning.
  5. Fallen tree removal.
  6. Storm cleanup.
  7. Green waste removal.
  8. Garden mulching

How we will support your lawn mowing business

  1. A fully functional website using your domain name or ours. Or updating your current website to ensure adequate performance.
  2. Initial website setup and verifiable optimisation performed monthly.
  3. Website listing on the front page of Google for your area of operation*. For instance, whether in a large Australian city or small regional town.
  4. Facebook page setup and one unique 500-word article uploaded per month (extra available at additional cost).
  5. Google business listing setup including the listing of services you offer.
  6. In addition, we host your website and provide complete management of the server resources (VPS).
  7. Managing orders using a contact form and email.
  8. We will provide one hour of phone support per month.
  9. Finally, there is an option to use our branding (no extra cost)

Prices start at $98 per month (inc GST) and include all of the features listed above.

Note: The minimum initial commitment is three months and then month by month after that—no lock-in contracts. Also, you can cancel at any time.


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