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Although smaller firewood splitters come designed for personal use, commercial models are now available. Some commercial splitters are part of a ‘firewood processor,’ which saws wood logs into lengths, splits them, and then transports the wood up an inclined conveyor to a pile, truck, or trailer.

Specialty producers, such as maple syrup makers, use machines that split 4-foot lengths. Machines that broke and point wood for fence posts are also available. However, sawing the poles is often safer and more convenient.

Baumr-AG Petrol Log Splitters are incredibly dependable and efficient, thanks to their high-quality components. They’re the best of the best in the problematic Australian market. With class-leading petrol engines, sophisticated hose protection for maximum durability, and colossal air and oil filters for ultimate protection.

Baumr-AG Petrol Wood Splitters are more than capable of making life easier, particularly in the winter. A hardened steel splitting wedge, an extra-large hydraulic ram cylinder, and an easy-to-use operating lever.

BAUMR-AG 20 Ton Hydraulic Petrol Wood Log Splitter

BAUMR-AG 20 Ton Hydraulic Petrol Wood Log SplitterWhat else distinguishes the Baumr-AG? While some models’ log catchers are prone to snapping, the HPS600’s wings design prevents this from happening. You may even change their height to meet the size of the room you’re working.

A full metal pipe is quality engineered and connects the controller to the ram to ensure a smooth and steady oil flow. The Baumr-AG 20 tonne petrol wood splitter comes equipped with the proprietary Baumr-AG Sure-SealTM technology.
Small or large scale, whichever you find yourself doing, this log splitter is more than capable of making your life easier.


Baumr-AG 65 Ton Hydraulic Petrol Log Splitter

Baumr-AG 65 Ton Hydraulic Petrol Log SplitterThe 18HP four-stroke engine’s power comes delivered via a revolutionary DirectDrive system for optimum efficiency, minimal vibration, and no maintenance. This class-leading combination translates to industry-leading performance, and the HPS800’s premium all-terrain 16-inch extra-wide rubber tyres. Make it incredibly transportable through all types of terrain, allowing you to split wood almost anywhere.

The Hercules splitters are the only ones on the market with a proper Australian (non-US type) 50mm Trailer Coupling and a heavy-duty fixed stripper to remove any wood adhered to the wedge during the return cycle.


65 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Log Splitter

Baumr-AG 65 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Log SplitterThere are just two genuine Benmar® hoses on the HDS800. These are the pinnacle of hydraulic hoses, with Baumr-unique AG’s HoseGuardTM encasing them. This unique spiral design keeps the stockings in form, preventing them from interfering with controls and adding an extra layer of protection, which is critical when towing.

Because particle contamination in the ram is the leading cause of log splitter failure, you should avoid any splitters on the market with small filters. The HDS800 has a larger oil filter that not only preserves your investment but also makes finding a replacement at any car accessories stores much more manageable.


6 Ton Hydraulic Electric Wood Log Splitter

Only petrol and diesel models could compete with the NEW Baumr-AG Hercules Series HPS2000E 6 Tonne Log Splitter when it comes to power. When dealers state “7-tonne splitting force,” they’re saying “5-tonne splitting force,” which is incorrect. We try to keep things simple, so when we state your Baumr-AG has a “6-tonne splitting force”. We mean it and can prove it through independent testing. That’s roughly as much power as a strong man using a block axe to cut wood, making it ideal for home tasks.


8 Ton Hydraulic Electric Wood Log Splitter

BAUMR-AG 8 Ton Hydraulic Electric Wood Log SplitterThis winter, this machine is the ideal addition for your property, with ease of use, convenience, and safety in its design. As a result, your Baumr-AG operates with dual redundancy (that is, you need to keep both hands away from the splitting head to activate it).

While some models’ log catchers are prone to snapping, the HPS2600E’s wings design prevents this from happening. This tiny powerhouse also has a hydraulic ram enclosed in the strong steel frame and a fantastic hardened steel splitting wedge with a dual triangular design.


9 Ton Hydraulic Electric Wood Log Splitter

9 Ton Hydraulic Electric Wood Log SplitterThis log splitter series is available directly from the manufacturer at wholesale pricing, readily available spare parts. So do yourself a favour and make a wise investment, and leave the Herculean tasks to the HPS3200E!


20 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter

20 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log SplitterThe fact that this device comes fueled by electricity is one of its most appealing features. There’s no need to keep petrol on hand. This is because there are no fumes produced during operation, you may use the machine indoors and in confined locations. The Baumr-AG 20 tonne electric wood splitter comes with the Baumr-AG patented Sure-SealTM system and anti-burst hose coverings on all hoses. Giving you further peace of mind.

This log splitter will make your life easier in the winter months, whether for minor or more extensive scale use, which means you’ll spend more time in front of the stove than out in the cold negotiating tough wood with an axe.




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