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All 2021 customers will be placed on our free spot weed treatment list for a free organic weed treatment (Glyphosate free). Generally, we select a suitable day and conduct all of our spraying on that day once every couple of weeks.

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We understand some are against the use of any weed treatment so we will ask you first if you would like to be added to the list*. See the weed treatment concentrate specifications PDF below.Conditions: This offer is only available for those that order a mowing service. This offer is available for all our regular bi weekly or weekly customers while using our services (2020/21). Those customers ordering a single mowing service will be offered one weed treatment service only. The organic weed treatment will cover only around area’s to be mowed at the discretion of STG Lawn Mowing Ballarat – i.e. along fences, around trees/posts/other obstacles and in some instances around garden beds. As we always comply with workplace safety laws we use the agricultural guidelines including weather conditions relating to the Delta T and appropriate personal protective equipment. If you have any questions please call Ken on 0448 320 713.

Why use our weed treatment?

Weeds often make a well kept garden or lawn look unsightly. There are many different ideas and attitudes towards the ongoing use of weed killers. We have found one that is safe and will work to enhance your garden’s beauty.

As a retired emergency worker and in the past, often dealing with the result of dangerous chemicals, the last thing I would do is use an unsafe product. In all honesty there is nothing safer than using machinery or one’s hand to pull weeds but that is time consuming and most gardeners dislike such activities.

There are many benefits to using organically certified weed killers, but again we take no risks and will always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and only carry out the activity on low wind strength days. Using the “Delta Temperature” as a guide.

What to expect from a weed treatment

Slasher Weedkiller is generally a little less effective than other more dangerous weed killers that may tend to sterilise the soil for a period of time. Even so, with a planned and calculated approach it is very effective and reduces weeds substantially. All of our weed treatments will include a follow up treatment if required (about 15% of the time).

We understand that some clients don’t like the use of weedkillers at all. So we can facilitate safe machine solutions to overcome some of the problems with weeds. Unless a weed treatment is ordered we will not use any weed killer. As a matter of fact we get written consent from the client if the order isn’t via our online system.

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Download PDF Brochure Here

About the organic certified weed killer we use for garden beds (not lawns)

We use a product called Slasher Organic Weed Killer which is a non-selective “glyphosate free” contact herbicide.The manufactures have had the product approved for use on organic farms and gardens, so as a weedkiller it is one of the safest.

With this herbicide it will only kill weeds it comes in contact with and therefore should be applied thoroughly. When the task is completed properly the weed killer won’t penetrate under barks or roots near the surface of the ground. It’s therefore important not to use it during acclimate weather.

Other useful information provided by the manufacturer

Slasher is an organic herbicide that controls weeds, moss and algae:
Other Detail:

  1. Made from natural plant oils
  2. Fast acting
  3. No lasting residue in the soil
  4. Glyphosate free
  5. Approved for use on organic farms.


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