Whipper Snipper Petrol and Multitools

History of Whipper Snippers: As early as 1960, Echo introduced the first brush cutter in Japan. George Ballas of Houston, Texas, came up with the idea for the U.S. string trimmer in the early 1970s while watching the rotating brushes in an automatic car wash.

A tin can bolted to an edger was rigged with a heavy-duty fishing line, which he attached to a tin can. “Weed Whacker”, as Ballas called it, ate the grass and weeds that grew around trees.

MTM Pole Chainsaw Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper Multi Tool 62CC

MTM Pole Chainsaw Brush Cutter Whipper SnipperThe MTM-700 62cc Multi Pro-Series has seven attachments, making it the perfect gardening machine. Change the extension poles and tackle those problematic branches to reach the class-leading power of your 62CC engine. MTM’s proprietary ‘Easy Start System’ is included as well, making this the perfect tool for any pruning or sculpting work.


MTM 62CC Pole Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer Brush Cutter

  1. 2 . MTM 62CC Pole Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer Brush Cutter62CC MTM Pro-Series direct air injection carburettor with 11,000 rpm and 62CC MTM Pro-Series HUGE POWER.
  2. Optimal manoeuvrability with a balanced ultra-lightweight design
  3. It has a long reach and eight attachments for gardening
  4. Commercial quick-change couplings with a dual-floating bearing
  5. engine, filters, and spark plugs are easily accessible for maintenance
  6. Easy Starting System
  7. Adaptable chain oil feed lubricator for automatic chains
  8. Meets AS/NZS standars.


Baumr-AG Pole Chainsaw Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper

Baumr-AG quick attach couplings have two ball-bearing floating centres and come made from high commercial alloy with anodised for durability. A proper professional nine-spline fastening guarantees optimal stability while adjusting extension pole length to reach those hard-to-reach branches.

Your Baumr-AG comes built to last, and it comes with a 12-month warranty to back it up. The package includes a supplementary accessory set that includes gloves, earmuffs and a mini toolbox.


Baumr-AG Pole Whipper Snipper Hedge Trimmer Saw Multi-Tool

Whipper Snipper Hedge Trimmer Saw Multi ToolIt has several fantastic features such as an automatic chain lubricator, an adjustable chain oil feed, and Baumr-exclusive AG’s ‘Easy Start System’.

Baumr-AG quick attach couplings have two ball-bearing floating centres made from high commercial alloy that is anodised for durability. Accurate commercial nine-spline fastening provides optimum stability for those hard to reach branches, while extensions allow you to cut a lot more.


Tuning your whipper snipper

  1. Warming up an engine with a cold start will result in an overly rich run when the engine is warmed up. Manipulate the throttle if the engine does not idle (“blip” the throttle; do not run the engine continuously at high speed).
  2. It’s also possible to modify idle speed by rotating the adjustment screw one-quarter of an inch clockwise, or anti-counterclockwise, to increase idle speed, or anti-clockwise to decrease idling speed. You should set the pace so that the engine idles at its maximum speed without using the clutch. Don’t adjust your idle speed so that your cutter attachment revolves when you release the throttle.
  3. To lean or richen the high-speed mixture, spin the adjustment screw “IN” (clockwise) or “OUT” (anticlockwise). When you notice a slowing engine, turn the screw OUT until the engine is running at full throttle. As soon as you do this, the engine should start to run better. To get the machine to its maximum speed, keep twisting the screw inwards. Turn the screw OUT by an eighth (or a quarter) of a turn to increase engine cooling.

Factory Settings

When determining the “factory setting” of a particular adjustment screw, it must be twisted “IN” (right / clockwise) until the screw is wholly seated (but not tight). Make this setting when the screw “OUT” (rotate left/anti-clockwise) comes fully turned.

  1. High-Speed Mixture – approximately two rotations.
  2. Idle Speed – around 5.

Base tuning on the factory settings. After resetting all adjustment screws to their factory settings, test the engine before making any additional changes. Install the screwdriver in place and then rotate it.

The four-stroke engine

Owners can only adjust the idle speed of 4-stroke engines. Go to an authorised service centre to get the engine tuned.

Adjusting the carburettor
When the throttle is disengaged and controlling the idle speed, there may be a lack of air/fuel mixture when the throttle is set too low. Idle speeds that are too high can cause the cutting attachment to rotate, which is unsafe and should never be permitted to happen.

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